And if you’re tired of being single, here’s how to alter that.

Are you a woman who is continually rejected, cheated on, and led about by guys who refuse to commit?
Have you ever had a boyfriend break up with you, then maneuver his way back into your life just to…

I don’t know if I am but my IQ and certain criteria lead me to believe that.

Do you often ask yourself why you are not understood, why you feel different, why you find it difficult to conform to the rules of this life?

These are all questions that I…

We aren’t obnoxious. We only care about what we want

My girlfriends and I used to look forward to the peaceful hours when we could get away from our male friends and sit under the stars with a drink and have deep and important chats. …

Everyone is impacted by unresolved trauma.

If you are human, you have unresolved trauma.
You. Me. Your accomplice. My next-door neighbor’s name is Everyone you see in coffee shops, on TV, and on social media has experienced trauma at some time in their lives. …

What is your vision of the couple? How do you live it?

The first experience we have is the example of our parents, not always very conclusive… Especially since the search for happiness and the work on oneself was not part of their education and even less of their research.

When individuals are in love, they do three things:

How can you tell someone is in love with you?

What are the signs that someone loves you?
To be honest, you don’t need your spouse to declare they love you to be convinced. In a partnership, true, professed love performs a…

If you’re over 40, you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

I’m not sure who I’m writing this for, if anybody at all.
That’s because, while you’re in your twenties, the path ahead seems wide open, although at times bewildering. You’re not considering how to make life better in 20 years. And…

Living on the road had been a dream that had turned into a nightmare. Here are my regrets and everything I did wrong, from the vehicle I chose to the problems for which I was unprepared.

My interest with van life began on a summer trip with my colocataires at…

It’s sometimes better to simply let go.

Everyone experiences crushes, regardless of their age or relationship situation. Some are innocent and go unnoticed. Others have the ability to devour our life and crush us. …

When I first began dating, I thought attraction was an art form.

A beautiful mosaic made by two people, each with their unique brush strokes and favorite colors. I still believe this to some degree. …


life experience work on oneself freedom, autonomy and well-being are my way of life travel opens our minds

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